NERF Rentals in Austin, TX

Affordable Fun For Birthdays and Other Parties


NERF Rentals in Austin, TX

Affordable Fun For Birthdays and Other Parties

Looking for a special and fun activity for your kids’ birthday party or event? Triangle Lawn Games in Austin can help with a super fun NERF day by offering affordable rentals on guns and safety equipment which will give you and your kids all the tools you need to have a blast.

Our service is much less expensive than hiring a normal NERF facilitator because we simply rent the equipment. You don’t have to pay lots of charges to have someone come out and ref just to have all the kids running around shooting at each other either way. We make it easy for you and the kids by providing rule guides, masks and vest, guns and all the darts you would need. We are insured and promise to provide good, clean equipment in working order so you can have a fun and safe NERF party. Please note that eye goggles MUST be worn during play. No charge for lost bullets. TLG does not provide in game referee with this package.

Scroll down to book NERF equipment, if you are looking for a guide on how to run a NERF party scroll below the order options.

Make an awesome NERF war with our NERF Battle Pack!

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NERF Rule Guide Callout

Tips for Running a NERF Party


1. KNOW THE NUMBER OF PARTCIPANTS – This is important because the NERF provider will need to know how many sets are required.  Sometimes they may be limited to the number they can provide and the part host will need to come up with some extra guns or have some of the friends bring their own. If you are looking to buy one here is a link to by the Elite 2.0 Shockwave on Amazon. It’s a drum fed gun and holds up well and is easy to use as a primary. A smaller and simpler gun is the Elite Strong arm available here. 

2. REFEREE – Depending on the age of kids, a referee may be useful.  If the kids are too young, running around and shooting each other is probably the way to go.  However, if they’re old enough, you can get a referee and free up a couple hours for yourself.  If you don’t know anyone, like a high school kid, you can usually entice other parents to switch off refereeing games for a six pack or bottle of wine.

3. CHOOSE THE SPOT – Lots of people call and ask if we know a good place to host a NERF party.  Typically, we can just point you to your nearest park or your backyard! Think parks and gyms. 

4. GAMES – Some parents wonder about the games they’ll play and how the rules work.  Just print off the pdf and follow the instructions.  The hardest part is just getting the kids to separate into teams. We have an awesome NERF guide on the HQ website here.

5. TIMEFRAME – Kids don’t have great attention spans, so just make sure you aren’t planning the party for more than a couple of hours.  A pretty standard timeframe is 1.5-2 hours on a Saturday or Sunday starting at around 11.  You can push to 3 hours, but the early afternoon is a good time for parents and children alike.


What Makes Our NERF Rentals Different?

Quality Equipment

Austin Lawn Games prides ourselves on having quality equipment that is clean and in good shape. Our NERF equipment is cleaned and inspected after every rental and we promise that you will get guns and equipment that won’t cause embarrassment or headaches. We provide guns, masks, vests, bunkers, bullets and everything you need to have fun.

TLG Austin | Rent NERF!

NERF Support and Resources

On top of having great NERF equipment at super low prices, TLG also believes that you should have resources and help when trying to do something cool like throwing a NERF party. From rule guides and instructions, to full on coaching and facilitation, we offer resources to make your NERF party fun and memorable.

TLG Austin | Rent NERF!

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