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Lawn Game Rentals in Austin

Renting great yard games with Capitol Lawn Games is easy – because we meant for it to be. This business started because we felt like it was difficult and expensive to rent games for events, and it doesn’t really need to be. We try to keep our prices a reasonable as we can, and we offer fair and transparent pricing on delivery too. Rent great games like cornhole, Giant Connect 4,  Kubb and more! All prices are for 24 hours, additional days only $5 per game!

Don’t want to go through the online booking process? Request a manual invoice and payment link – great if you are tax exempt or have a complicated order.

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Please give us a call at 512-582-3422 or select pickup option.

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Feel free to pickup your games at our crib!
Our address is

9919 Oliver Drive Austin, TX 78736

Delivery Zone #1

Delivery + Pickup for your order up to 15 miles from our address

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Delivery + Pickup for your order 15-25 miles from our address

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Delivery + Pickup for your order 26-40 miles from our address - call for further distance

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Lawn Games for Rent in Round Rock, Georgetown and Austin

There are few things in the world better than a lawn party. World peace, Justin Timberlake, and chilling on the beach are all great – but lawn games make it better. It can be a corporate event, a wedding, team building exercise, fundraiser or Bar Mitzvah, you basically have three ways to acquire lawn games for your party: buy them, borrow them OR rent them from Capitol Lawn Games. Get high quality games for corporate events, weddings, parties and more. We offer refunds in case of weather, quality service and equipment, and an easy and transparent ordering process.

We are the number one rental source in Austin and beyond to rent party games and lawn games. Games for weddings, games for corporate events, and games for parties are our thing. We deliver and pickup in the Austin region and if you need it further that’s cool too just give us a call. 

If you want to book now and have questions about prices, delivery, or availability just give us a call at (512) 582-3422


Frequently Asked Questions

What If I Need To Cancel My Yard Game Order?

No problemo. We are super flexible and reasonable, and as long as our folks havent actually come out to deliver then you can get a full refund for any order. We just require a couple hours notice to push “pause” on our drivers leaving HQ. We offer reschedule for no fee too so if you just need to move the dates or times thats fine too as long as the games are available. 

Is Set Up Included With Delivery?

YES. We are happy to help decide where your lawn games go and are happy to set them up. We will count off the 27′ for cornhole, help figure out the best place for Giant Jenga and generally be nice helpful people when delivering games. 

Do you help with cornhole tournaments?

We sure do. We have printable brackets available for free here and have enough sets for a pretty big cornhole tournament. Give us a call if you are trying to get an event together. 

Do You Deliver Anytime I Want?

Yes, we are very flexible on delivery and pickup time. We are like any business and like to get a heads up on changes and we would prefer not to pickup games at 3am but we work with you. If you have an event at 6pm in downtown Austin and need games setup by 5:30 you can count on us being there on time and ready to set up. If they need to be out by 11pm then we will be back to get them. We might ask if the next morning is alright but we will also be communicative and courteous to ensure your event goes smoothly. 

Do You Sanitize Your Games?

Yes we do. We use food grade sanitizer before and after each use of the games, so they are safe to use for you and your group. 


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