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Business in America can be pretty crazy and random. Our story is pretty simple, we made up a business in North Carolina called Triangle Lawn Games and within two years have opened up 8 other locations with friends, family, and awesome people we met along the way. From our first location in Raleigh, NC to now serving the fine folks of Austin, TX we have strived to bring affordable lawn game rentals to each market, with a focus on quality games and superior customer service.

Austin came together quickly as JJ and Mae were looking for an opportunity to break into the lawn game rental business, and randomly reached out to Gordon and Frank through the Houston Lawn Games website. After a couple weeks of discussion and some conference calls, it was clear everyone had the same goals and generally weren’t crappy people. By February of 2020 this location was up and running and the show was on the road. We are locally operated here in the Austin area, with corporate headquarters in North Carolina. Now with JJ and Mae back home in Iowa, friends Sophie and Collin Cavendish have taken the reigns in Austin.

You can be assured that you will be able to get someone on the phone regarding an order, that we will work diligently to show up on time and be professional, and that we will do whatever we can to make your party awesome.

Gordon Buchanan

CEO – Triangle Lawn Games

Frank Buchanan

COO – Triangle Lawn Games

Collin and Sophie Cavendish

Collin + Sophie Cavendish



Mae + JJ Lillibridge


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