The time has come for us Texans to wake up from our summer slumbers and once again enjoy the outdoors. 100+ degree days and brutal sunshine is fleeting, but much like the North’s winters we shelter in place and wait for fairer weather. Fall is absolutely lovely in Texas. Mid 80’s to mid 70’s, plenty of sunshine and nary a bit of rain in the hill country. The good folks of Austin still enjoy the lakes, rivers and streams of the area but they also descend on the wineries and outdoor bars that the makes the area so well-known. It also signals the return of weekends featuring the best barbecue in the US, some cold beers and outdoor games.
           In fact the Austin and Hill Country area is becoming quite busy with weekend tourists. Many of the resorts in the area are booked out completely on weekends and camping spots are basically impossible to come by in many of the State Parks. People are descending on the area to enjoy the pleasant temperatures and dry climate as well as the many natural wonders and wineries that seems so prevalent in the Austin area.
         Needless to say, Austin is a great place to grab some games for the backyard or campsite. It’s also a great place to live, and if you are looking to buy a house you should think about also buying some great lawn games to enjoy! Austin Lawn Games began at the very beginning of the pandemic but has soldiered on and now features an excellent array of games and a growing reputation. Grab a cornhole for the adults, a connect four for the kids and anything in between for everyone else. We aim to add some fun to parties and events. These games are also a hit at weddings, something the that is very common here in the Hill Country. If you’re at a resort or camping area, get a Spikeball or Kanjam and soon a nice set of Polish Horseshoes. We have yard game rentals of all types here in Austin.