Margarita Machine Rental

Rent a Fun Margarita Machine For Your Event

Margarita Machine Rental in Austin, TX

Looking for a great way to make a party more fun? Margarita machines can be a perfect way to bring the party!

With our small but powerful machine you can make up to 36 oz of margarita mix per batch! This easy to use and quick machine can make margs all night (or day as we fully support day drinking too.)

Each order will recieve the machine and two (2) 15 oz bottles of mix. More bottles of mix can be added for $10 apiece. ALCOHOL IS NOT INCLUDED. We guarantee the machine will be cleaned and ready to go but we are not allowed to provide alcohol – just the mix.

This is not a commercial sized machine that makes massive batches – we might add that down the road – but if you want to have a nice touch at an event without buying a $200+ machine, rent from us today. Delivery is available too – make sure to visit our order page to add delivery to an order. 

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