Austin is home to a massive number of corporations in the technology sector with highly skilled and in many cased – overworked employees.  The Covid era has taught us the importance of not only our use of technology but our desire to escape it and enjoy some time with people.  It has also taught us something we never would have imagined:  We kinda miss our coworkers.  As wild as that sounds, it was pretty nice shooting the breeze around the proverbial water cooler as opposed to watching them yell at a dog to stop barking in the background of their Zoom call.  Regardless of how you approach this time in quarantine, I think we can all agree some (socially distanced) beers with your coworkers in the beautiful Texas fall certainly sounds pleasant.

Lawn games are inherently an excellent way to socially distance.  For example, you definitely don’t need to be within 6 feet of anyone for cornhole or ladder golf.  You can stand away from your opponents in Connect four and Giant Tumbling Towers.  Giant checkers was basically made for social distancing.  You’re never sitting down or in prolonged close contact with people playing lawn games, especially if you’re outside.  Austin is right in the middle of the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors with brisk temperatures, college football and sunshine.  Houston has had some corporate functions reappear, they took precautions and had fun!  In fact, it was generally safer than the actual work aspect – these all took place outside.  

While cases are spiking a bit in Texas, it appears we’ll continue as normal even with the masks.  Employee appreciate is going to top the list of many employers who have worked very hard to get their head above water again.  If you’re an HR rep or owner or just an employee excited to crack some beers (or tap some kegs) with your coworkers, then lawn games and the outdoors are perfect.  Everyone seems to agree that hanging out in the lovely Austin outdoors, while practicing social distancing and taking precautions, is the right way to go.  Be smart, have fun, make good decision and beat Karen from accounting in Giant Connect Four