When the weather gets hot in Austin (spoiler alert – it always does) and you want to enjoy some lawn games, you simply have to move inside.  Luckily for us, many of these yard games work perfectly indoors or out.

  1. Giant Connect Four – Our stalwart game, Giant Connect Four works in rain or shine, indoors, outdoors and those areas that are kinda in between, like a screened in porch.  Giant Connect Four is typically the most popular game and requires almost no space to operate.  As long as you aren’t living in a Hobbit House, there is definitely plenty of space to play.
  2. Giant Tumbling Towers – Arguably our second most popular game, Tumbling Towers is always a hit and works incredibly well inside.  It won’t ever be more than 6 feet tall, even with the included base and you just need to make sure that it falls in an area that won’t damage furniture, the floor, etc..  Most non-residential buildings won’t have any issues with a Giant Tumbling Towers indoors.  
  3. Washers – A distinctly southern game but especially popular in Texas; washers works well indoors or out.  The washers boards are spaced just 10 feet apart and the washers typically are never thrown above eye level.  Washers also don’t bounce very far (it’s a pretty nuanced throw) and they aren’t heavy so you don’t worry about knocking anything over.  
  4. Giant Checkers – Just clear out about an 8’ square and throw the board down!  Checkers is great if you want to super-size the classic game and keep it simple for all comers.  It’s a great game to play indoors and is low impact – you don’t worry about frisbees or bags flying around.  It’s also easy to move and set up outdoors if the weather improves.
  5. Giant Kerplunk – A class children’s game has simply been made huge.  For some reason we can all remember the game but we still kinda forget it – until we start playing.  Giant Kerplunk is great for kids of all ages and doesn’t take up too much space.  It’s about 4’ tall fully assembled and doesn’t need more than a few feet in any direction for the participants to operate.  There are no flying objects either, so don’t worry about that precious China.


In general, there are tons of options for using yard games indoors.  In many cases customers have to move indoors in case of sudden weather changes or if they just happen to do something in July in Texas.  In those cases, Austin yard game rentals can simply become Austin indoor game rentals or even Austin covered porch rentals.  Regardless,  there are always way to enjoy the bliss of lawn games even if you’re not out on your lawn.